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Gastonia Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Sometimes when you perform a repetitive motion with your hand or arm you may develop carpal tunnel syndrome. There are several treatment options available, but when nonsurgical options do not help relieve the pain, you may need to have carpal tunnel surgery. Read more →

Gastonia Neurosurgeon

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If you need a Gastonia neurosurgeon, then we here at the The Spine Clinic at Neuroscience and Spine Center of the Carolinas can help you find an expert spine doctor that can provide you with the comprehensive spine care that you need. Read more →

Dr. William D. Hunter - Spine Specialist

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Experiencing back pain? Come and visit The Spine Clinic at Neuroscience and Spine Center of the Carolinas. Call today to schedule an appointment. Read more →

Herniated Disks - A Real Pain in the Back

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A herniated disk results when one of the small, spongy disks between your spinal vertebrae becomes damaged. These disks act as cushions between the vertebrae, absorbing shock and keeping the spine flexible. The damaged disk may bulge or break open, compressing the nerves. Read more →

Minimally Invasive Techniques for Lumbar Stenosis

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Lumbar stenosis is the gradual narrowing of the space where nerves pass through the spine. This narrowing can compress and irritate the nerves branching out from the spinal cord, causing pain or numbness in the lower body. Read more →