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Medical Aesthetics Regenerative Center (MARC) - Gastonia, North CarolinaOur sister practice, Medical Aesthetics Regenerative Center (MARC), is pleased to announce the opening of their second location on July 11th! MARC will be expanding their services and will partner with Optimum Result Fitness of Gastonia, NC to provide the best health and wellness solutions in the broader Gastonia, North Carolina area.

Optimum Result Fitness is more than just a health club. They are a facility that provides physical therapy with Ivy Rehab, massage therapy, yoga, boxing classes, as well as strength training, and more.

MARC Office at Optimum Result Fitness (Gastonia)The new MARC practice at Optimum Result Fitness will provide many health, anti-aging, and wellness services. MARC will be adding weight loss therapy, hormone replacement therapy, IV Hydration, aesthetic rejuvenation, neurotoxin treatments, as well as stem cell treatments and PRP injections for joint pain therapy.

The new MARC practice will be open to both the public and Optimum Results members at this new location. Schedule an appointment TODAY for an evaluation by one of their therapists or contact their office at 704-868-6100.

MARC Office at Optimum Results Fitness (Gastonia NC)MARC at Optimum Results Fitness
3372 Robinwood Road
Gastonia, NC 28054
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Opening on July 11th, 2022!

TOTEventImageJoin Dr. William Hunter and staff as we participate in the Warlick Family YMCA Trick or Trail Run at the Warlick Family YMCA (2221 Robinwood Road, Gastonia, NC 28054) on Saturday, October 23rd. As the title sponsor, all of us at the Neuroscience & Spine Center of the Carolinas would love to see you come out, have  a great time, and support a wonderful organization.

Warlick Family YMCA

The Trick or Trail Run supports the Warlick Family YMCA, a non-profit organization committed to helping members of our community live a balanced, healthy life in spirit, mind and body. The YMCA makes a positive impact in the Gaston County community through encouraging wellness and family on their beautiful 118 acre campus.

Register Now

Download our event brochure or visit the Warlick Family YMCA Trick or Trail Run website to register now.



Join Dr. William Hunter and staff as they participate in the Gaston County Walk for Wellness at Gaston Christian School on the 26th of June. Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, and honoring the taken. As an annual event, the Walk for Wellness to benefit Cancer Services of Gaston County, but the overall mental and physical health of their participants. 

Walk for WellnessDr. Hunter has been a long-time supporter of Cancer Services of Gaston County. Cancer Services aids clients within the community with education and support for cancer patients, family members, as well as caregivers. 

The fair is free to participate! Invite your friends, neighbors, family members, and bring your pets. Enjoy a morning walk to benefit cancer, and invite your friends and family to sponsor a donation or make a contribution in memory of a loved one. Music and refreshments are provided. Come join us for a fun Saturday morning 9am - 12pm, June 26, 2021.

Condition: Ruptured Intervertebral Disks

A ruptured disc is a common condition that happens when one of the intervertebral discs in the spine produces a crack in its hard outer wall, permitting the shock absorbing, jellylike nucleus pulposus to be pushed out.  This jellylike material can press and rub against the roots of nerves that branch off of the spinal cord, even the spinal cord itself. 

Ruptured discs can be produced at any location in the spine. However, the majority develop in the lumbar (lower) spine, although  many ruptured discs develop in the cervical (neck) region as well.

Causes of Ruptured Intervertebral Discs:

A ruptured intervertebral disc is usually the result of steady, age-related wear and tear.  Intervertebral discs are made of soft but strong connective tissues and act as shock absorbers for the various pressures placed on the neck and back each and every day. As a person gets older, these discs slowly lose the elasticity and water content that make them supple, and as a result, small cracks/gaps can develop in the outer wall (annulus fibrosus).

More uncommon causes of a ruptured disc may include a sudden traumatic injury such as a car crash or instances where people are involved in daily lifting of heavy items.


Back pain
Neck pain
Muscle weakness or spasms
Loss or bladder or bowel control